My name is Will Rockel. I’m a Berlin based art director and designer with a soft spot for web, photo, & motion. Constantly curious. Never not working.

*Currently seeking permanent positions, freelance gigs and creative collaborations in Adelaide.

Berlin by way of USA. I am interested in exploring the intersection of technology and content to tell stories and communicate ideas. 5+ years of experience with web, UX/UI, print, and photo.

Web ux/ui design
Desktop and mobile, basic html 5 and css

Print Production
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, analogue illustration, branding

Motion Graphics
After Effects, Premier, Final Cut pro, Blender, 3D modeling, basic rigid body physics simulations and particle effects

Studio lighting, film and analogue formats, post processing, set design and construction

English (native) German (fluent)

u+mag issue 104
Editorial feature and interview

Michael Jon Gallery: Miami, USA

first look: Aboveground Animation
New Museum: NYC, USA

gradients: Inside the Internet Rainbow
Mastermind Program: Casablanca, MA

Peer to Peer Space: Munich, DE

let’s meet in real life
Capricious Space: NYC, USA

Premiär Sekten
Slakhuset: Stockholm, SWE

hacking utopias
Current Gallery: Baltimore, USA

the book of the film
Auto Italio: London, UK

Don't be shy, get in touch.

+49 (0) 172 845 0274